AG Sanremo: Agave is a genus of monocotyledonous succulent plants. These are perennial plants in rosette form that have short stem that is generally invisible. The various species range in size from about 20 cm to 5-6 metres in width and from 15 cm to 2.5 metres in height.

The leaves are fleshy with parallel, fibrous ribs that are up to 25 cm wide and up to 2.5 metres long. They almost always have a woody, apical plug that is up to 5 cm long and most species also have woody spines along the edges (some species have white hairs). Leaves form around a short central stem from which they separate as they grow. Their rosette structure has an even angular formation that optimises exposure to solar radiation, a feature common to other succulent (Aloe family plants and Yucca).

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