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AG Sanremo Imperia Savona Costa Azzurra: Mister Cactus is one of our company’s registered Trade Marks.

Certifying the quality of our Cacti it distinguishes them as our exclusive products.

We have been operating in the sector for over 40 years and in the cultivation and sales of Succulents and Cacti in particular.

Cacti have no leaves (transformed into spines) and their shape is very nearly cylindrical or spherical thereby reducing their external surface to the minimum. This enables them to limit water vapour loss through transpiration and to maximise their pulp content, a rich in water reserves.

The grooves, of varying depths, that seem to divide them vertically into spikes, mean that they can quickly swell to hold water without splitting (concertina-effect) so that when water is available the Cactus knows that it has to drink a lot and fast.

The most evident feature that helps us quickly distinguish a Cactus family plant from other succulents is its spines. They form a circle and are covered with hairs.

Cacti according to geographic provenance:

Cacti originate in the dry areas of the USA, mainly Arizona, Southern California and the Highlands of Mexico as well as the Andes and Peru.

  • Highlands and Mountains: the large Ferocactus comes from these areas and innumerable species of Mammiliaria, Rebutia, Sulcorebutia, columnar Cacti like Oreocereus and Cleistocactus.
  • Grasslands: In these areas we find small globular cacti such as Notocactus, Gymnocaycium, Echinopsis
  • Tropical rainforest forest: here live the so-called Christmas Cactus Sclumbergia, Ripsalis and so on.

Technical notes:

Cactus need abundant watering when the soil is dry. The plant absorbs water through the roots and the best way to really soak the earth is to immerse the Pot in water for a few hours then allowing the excess water to drain off, and then not to water the plant again until the Soil is completely dry.

For the well-being of the plant it is important to ensure the plant is in free-draining, peat-based soil of neutral ph. It shouldn’t be too fine and should be able to maintain its structure for some time. The soil should also contain Pumice to help drainage and a small proportion of clay (7%-10%) that balances the delivery of the nutrients thanks to its buffering effect.

Where we operate:

Our company are specialists in Import-Export of Succulents operates Italy-wide serving a vast client base of collectors, private individuals and garden centres both locally in Liguria in the provinces of Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia, as well as in the whole of central Italy, and in the north Piedmont, Lombardy, the Veneto area, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio as well as overseas, mainly in France and Holland.
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