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AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia) Liguria: our Nursery is specialised in the production, cultivation and sale of Succulents and Cactus-family Cacti including: Ferocactus, Mammillaria, Rebutia, Sulcorebutia, Oreocereus, Cleistocactus, Notocactus, Gymnocalycium, Echinopsis, and Christmas Cactus (Sclumbergera, Rhipsalis etc.)
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AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia): our succulents Nursery is specialised in the growing, production and sale of mountain and desert species of Succulent Plants such as Echeveria, Graptopetalum, Pachyphytum, Sedum, Agave, Yucca, Kalanchoe, Aloe, Euphorbia, Crassula and Stapelia.
Succulent Plant Cactus Combinations Potted Succulents Sanremo Imperia Liguria | AG SANREMO

Pot combinations

AG SANREMO: we are specialist sellers of Potted Succulent Plants and we produce Succulent Combinations. Our plant combinations are favourites with our Garden Centre clients as well as collectors. Each pot combination comes with labelling that details each plant. 
We plant Gardens Terraces Balconies with Cacti and Succulents Sanremo Imperia Liguria Italia AG SANREMO

Who we are

AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia): we have been operating in the plant growing sector for four generations and for the past 35 years in Cactus cultivation. Our company, which altogether occupies over 3 hectares, is located in western Liguria where the climate is particularly favourable for the production and growing of succulents.

Our company serves a wide client base: garden centres, florists, wholesalers, nurseries and not least the general public and collectors, aiming to satisfy every requirement thanks to over  5,000 varieties of ‘cacti and succulents’, from the smallest measuring just a few centimetres high up to specimens several metres high, plants able to withstand very high temperatures, and others very low ones, all aimed at embellishing gardens and terraces everywhere. 
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AG Sanremo Sanremo (Imperia) Liguria:

  • Advice on cultivation and care of succulents and cacti

  • Creation of Pot Combinations using Succulents and Cacti

  • Labelling and management of technical Records for succulents and cacti

  • Grafting methods and plant breeding Research

Our clients benefit from our many years’ experience growing Succulents and Cacti, in particular, the research we have carried out and the plant selection that we have achieved.

Growing more than five thousand varieties of plants means we offer a vast choice with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers, which include garden centres, nurseries and wholesalers.

Where we operate:

Our company are specialists in Import-Export of Succulents. We operate Italy-wide and serve a vast client base comprising collectors, private individuals and garden centres. These are local in Liguria in the provinces of Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia, as well as in the whole of central Italy. We also serve the north of Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, the Veneto area, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio as well as overseas, mainly France and The Netherlands.

Our Shop windows:

Pot Combinations with Cactus and Succulents Imperia Liguria Italy | AG SANREMO

Pot combinations

AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : Choose the pot combination that you prefer or create your own !
Exhibitions and Tradeshows Imperia Liguria Italy | AG SANREMO

Exhibitions and tradeshows

AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : Here are some pictures of the exhibitions and tradeshows we take part in.
Our greenhouses Imperia Liguria Italy | AG SANREMO

Our greenhouses

AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : Come and discover our greenhouses !
Sale of Aloe Euphorbia Yucca Succulent and Cactus Flowers Imperia Liguria Italy | AG SANREMO

Cactus and succulents flowers

AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : here are some pictures of our cactus' and succulents' flowers.
Sale of Cacti and Succulents In Particular Euphorbia, Agave, Crassula Imperia Liguria Italy | AG SANREMO

About Cacti and Succulents

AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria :  in this album you can see details of our cacti and succulents.
Euphorbia Sanremo Imperia Liguria | AG SANREMO


AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : we are specialised in growing and selling Euphorbias. Click to see images of ours.
Cultivation and sale of Aloe Imperia Savona Costa Azzurra Italy AG SANREMO


AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : our company cultivate as well Aloe. Click here to see some of them !
Cultivation and Sales of Agave Sanremo Imperia Savona Costa Azzurra Italy | AG SANREMO


AG SANREMO (Imperia) Liguria : There are many species of agaves... Discover now the ones we have !

Growing Watering Repotting Cactus Family Cacti and Succulents Sanremo Imperia Liguria | AG SANREMO

Plant Cultivation

AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia): along with our specialists we invite you to discover all the secrets for Growing your Succulents. Indeed, it’s important to know what soil they need, how to water a succulent plant, which fertilisers to use, when and how to repot one, and what are the best growing temperatures for these plants.
Care and Lifecycle of Cactus Family Succulent Plants and Cacti Sanremo Imperia Liguria | AG SANREMO

Succulent Plant care

AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia): How long Succulents live depends on the plant variety and the environment it occupies. Indeed, the most important factors are climate, humidity, environment (planted in the garden, pot) etc., as well as the plants’ capacity to survive diseases which every plant encounters sooner or later.
Planting of Gardens and Balconies with Cacti and Succulents Sanremo Imperia Liguria Italia | AG SANREMO

Terrace and Garden Planting

A terrace is the ideal place for working on your tan, escaping from the house, having dinners with friends or reading a good book in the spring sunshine. However, to make best possible use of it, it’s not enough just to have one, but you need to apply some artistic skill in furnishing it and creating something lovely as you would a real garden.

Succulents growing on the window sill, balconies and terraces can be a great source of satisfaction. Indeed, often it’s the size of the space that dictates our choices, whether it’s a small windowsill, a garden or a large greenhouse, you just need to choose the most suitable species.    


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