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Longevity of Succulents: Diseases and Parasites

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Fungal Diseases and Parasites of Succulents:

Succulent plants get attacked both by animal parasites and fungal ones. The later can strike at the roots, the collar of the plant, the flowers and leaves.

The most damaging are certainly those which, penetrating inside the plant from the roots, the collar or the stamens, cause rotting - that is almost always irreversible – of the stem and the roots (Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia e Fusarium).
However neither should one underestimate those that cause leaves and/or stems to develop round, black marks (Staphelias, Euphorbias, etc.).

The main animal parasites are: cochineal, aphids and red spider mite.

The first is undoubtedly the most harmful and difficult to eradicate. You can recognise it by the presence of small white insects coated with fluffy, cotton-wool-like balls on the top of the plants or in the internodes. Although it attacks the plants’ aerial parts, it mainly goes for the roots, but you only see it if you remove the plant from its pot.

Discoloured or rusty patches on the leaves and stems may indicate the presence of other pests such as aphids and red spider mite that suck out the lymph causing minor plant decay.

For treatments we recommend you either consult your local nurseryman or do contact us directly for advice.

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