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AG SANREMO Sanremo (Imperia): we have been operating in the plant growing sector for four generations and for the past 40 years in the cultivation of Cacti, other Cactus Family Plants and Succulents of all sizes.  
Our company, which altogether occupies over 3 hectares, is located in western Liguria an area know fot its climate which particularly favours the production and growing of succulents.

The company serves a wide client base: garden centres, florists, wholesalers, nurseries and not least the general public and collectors, aiming to satisfy every requirement thanks to over 5,000 varieties of ‘cacti and succulents’, from the smallest measuring just a few centimetres high up to specimens several metres high, plants able to withstand very high temperatures, and others very low ones, all aimed at embellishing gardens and terraces everywhere. 

We work across all of Italy and France supplying Garden Centres in particular. From our production area of over 3 hectares we sell many different varieties of succulents and plants from the Cactus family in a range of traditional and also modern design pots.

One of our particular strengths is the production of Eritrean Euphorbia of between 18 and 40 cm in diameter.

Cactus are also used for interior design purposes and so our company has focused on producing many large-sized plants.

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Where we operate:

Our company are specialists in Import-Export of Succulents. We operate Italy-wide and serve a vast client base comprising collectors, private individuals and garden centres. These are local in Liguria in the provinces of Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia, as well as in the whole of central Italy. We also serve the north of Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, the Veneto area, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio as well as overseas, mainly France and the Netherlands.
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