Pot Plants and Pot Combinations

Pot Plants and Pot Combinations

Composizioni Piante Grasse Cactacee Cactus Piante Grasse in Vaso Sanremo Imperia Liguria | AG SANREMO
AG Sanremo Imperia Savona Costa Azzurra: our company sells decorative Pots with single plants or Combinations containing different varieties of succulents.

This type of plant is very resistant and long lasting and also do not require any special care. There are some very special and unique ones.

Pot combinations make attractive decorations anywhere in the house, making spaces less impersonal and they make a great gift idea, too, for special events like birthdays or when invited to dinner.

Our experts can help you put together your own personalised plant combinations or choose yourself from the enormous range of plants available.  

Useful tips:

Pot Combinations using Succulents need careful Watering.

The plants will need watering once every three or four weeks during spring and summer and no water at all during the winter period from October to February.

It’s also important to apply fertiliser, but this should be moderate and only during the growth period.

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Pot Plants and Succulent Pot Combinations

AG Sanremo Imperia Savona Costa Azzurra: sales of Potted Succulents and Succulent Pot Combinations for gifts and home decoration. 

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Our company are specialists in Import-Export of Succulents. We operate Italy-wide and serve a vast client base comprising collectors, private individuals and garden centres. These are local in Liguria in the provinces of Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia, as well as in the whole of central Italy. We also serve the north of Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, the Veneto area, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio as well as overseas, mainly France and the Netherlands.
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